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What We Treat

We would like to help you get the most out of your life! We provide quality, professional, and all-natural treatments for a wide range of health conditions. (Often we can provide all of the care needed for some conditions, and in other cases we can provide support in addition to medical treatment.) Here are some of the issues that our clients often find we can help them with.

Because we focus on treating the causes, we can provide treatments for a wide range of health problems. However, whether you have one of the above problems or a different health issue, we recommend contacting our clinic or booking in for a free assessment, to see if we can help you and how well your body is likely to respond to the treatment.

Free Assessment

If you have a health issue you would like to resolve, we offer a free Comprehensive Assessment. This is a detailed look at

  • What is going on with your health
  • What is working properly and what is not working properly
  • What we think may be causing the problem, and
  • What we think is the quickest and best way to sort it out

Please also see our video at the top right of this page. (Terms and Conditions- the Assessment is a completely free service, with no obligations whatsoever.)

To book in for an Assessment, please call us on 07 3376 6911, or click ‘Book Now’ at the top of this page.