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Remedial Massage Brisbane

If you are weighed down by stiff, sore, tired, aching muscles, our experienced remedial massage Brisbane therapists will soon have your body feeling free and relaxed again.

Remedial massage is the application of various techniques to the soft tissue and muscular structures which benefit the musculoskeletal, circulatory-lymphatic, nervous and other systems of the body and positively influence our overall health and well-being.

Professional remedial massage BrisbaneLike acupuncture, remedial massage is also recognised as one of the oldest methods of healing. When applying remedial massage Brisbane’s CNTC masseurs and masseuses use a combination of techniques which include kneading, rocking, holding, compression, friction, vibration and the application of fixed or moveable pressure, often applied with the hands but when necessary using the forearms or elbows.

There are many benefits of effective remedial massage:-

  • By relieving tired and aching muscles, and loosening tight muscles, it will increase your flexibility and range of motion and relax your entire body, both physically and mentally.
  • As well as calming the nervous system, lowering both blood pressure and your heart rate, it can also strengthen the immune system, reduce mental stress and tension headaches, and reduce pain.
  • Remedial massage is also used to promote restful sleep, improve concentration and assist mental relaxation.


Our varied remedial massage treatments are carried out by fully qualified and experienced practitioners in Brisbane:

Remedial Massage Brisbane – uses a combination of specialised techniques to locate and repair damage to joints, tendons and muscles.

Therapeutic Massage – increases the flow of blood from the arms and legs to help stretch and lengthen connective tissues and muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage – relieves severe tension by reaching deep into thick muscles and their connective tissues to separate knotted fibres and release both toxins and tension points.

Sports Massage – specifically to help athletes and sportsmen and women to prepare their bodies for optimal performance, function well during training, and recover post-event, it focuses on prevention and injury healing.

Relaxation Massage – a systematic and flowing form of remedial massage to promote deep relaxation, relieve stress, improve well-being, and improve blood circulation.

Structural Balancing – the correction of alignment issues which are causing excessive muscle tension, pressure and stress on joints, and poor posture.

Lymphatic Drainage – used to clear excess fluid from an area or from the whole body, this is a gentle form of massage which encourages the natural drainage of lymph from the muscular system.

Trigger Point Therapy – Trigger points are often small knots in the muscles, that control the degree of muscle contraction.  Active trigger points can cause muscle spasm and referred pain, while latent ones may cause future problems if not released.

Cupping – Special glass cups are placed over tight or painful muscles, and some of the air is pumped out to create a vacuum. Cupping is massage in reverse; rather than pushing on the muscles, the suction uses pressure to pull the muscles upward to cause them to relax. It also improves blood flow and circulation, and helps remove toxins from the body. Cupping is usually performed as part of a massage treatment.

Finch Therapy – is used to gently correct alignment issues, and so is particularly effective for chronic musculo-skeletal pain.

Our massage treatments can provide wonderful relief if you are suffering from back pain, headaches, sports injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain, or almost any other type of muscle or joint pain. Or if you simply want to de-stress and loosen the knots in your muscles, come in and feel light and free again. Call us today on 07 3376 6911 to make a booking.

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Free Assessment

If you have a health problem you have had for a while and would like to resolve, we offer a free Comprehensive Assessment. Please see towards the bottom of our Home page or the video at the top right of this page for details.


As well as Remedial Massage Brisbane based Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic also provide the following services:

Weight Loss – any experienced therapist will tell you, that if you don’t address the causes, you won’t get good results, or get short-term improvement only. If you are eating well, exercising, and still not losing weight, something is causing your body to store fat instead of burn it up. We conduct a detailed analysis of why your body is wanting to retain excess weight, and provide you with a program that is tailored to the exact needs of your body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – a complete medical system used to relieve pain and to treat or prevent disease. For around 3 thousand years, the Chinese and Japanese used a combination of Acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies (herbs), diet, exercise and massage to address the causes and symptoms of health problems.

Stop Smoking – quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health. We have possibly the most advanced Stop Smoking treatment program available. As well as controlling any cravings, the treatments help detoxify your body, repair your lungs, improve your heart, and reduce stress. This detailed approach helps to minimise the chance of any relapse, and one treatment is all that is normally required.

Natural Fertility Management – is a major speciality of our clinic, with 3 of our therapists highly trained and experienced in this area. Recent estimates are that one in six couples are classed as infertile, and fertility problems affect one in three women over 35, so this is a very significant problem in Australia. Something that should be easy and natural is becoming increasingly harder, and more and more couples are seeking effective solutions from our clinic.


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