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Frequently Asked Questions

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We understand that some conditions are more complicated than others. In these instances we recommend booking in for a Free Comprehensive Health Assessment with our Head Therapist, Peter Mills. The Assessment is approximately 1 hour in duration and will help uncover:

  • What is going on with your health
  • What is working properly (and what is not working properly)
  • What has caused the problem and
  • Who is the best therapist to treat you for your particular health condition

An Organ Function Test allows your therapist to see electronically how everything is functioning inside your body. The clinic utilises technology developed in Japan. Our Head Therapist Peter Mills will take computerised readings on areas on your hands and feet, which gives us a clear picture of how everything is functioning inside. The testing is quick, simple, safe, and there is absolutely no discomfort involved.

After the Test, you will receive a printed report of your results and what they mean.

The initial Naturopathy Consultation is one hour.
On the day your therapist will discuss your history, family history, diet and lifestyle, sleep & bowel patterns along with any other relevant history (such as menstrual health for women or urinary and hormonal health for men).

Your therapist will need to know if you have any medical conditions relevant to having a massage (such as osteoporosis or deep vein thrombosis), and what medications you are taking, so you will need to complete a basic health history form prior to your treatment. At the beginning of your session, they will check with you where you are experiencing pain, stiffness or soreness, and the areas you would like to be treated. Your massage therapist may also perform various tests and assessments to gain a better understanding of your problem and what is causing it. This will also allow them to determine which massage techniques will be most effective for you.

If you have any X-rays or scans relevant to your condition, please bring them plus any written reports to your appointment. Your therapist will need to get to the areas to be treated, so please wear clothing suitable for this.

Your feedback during your massage is very important, so please let your therapist know if the pressure they are applying is too strong or if you would prefer it firmer.

Virtually all of our clients fell very relaxed after their treatments, and most will experience a significant decrease in their aches and pains. You may feel a little slowed down for a short period, and then notice an increase of energy, heightened awareness and increased productivity which can last for days.

If you have received a deep massage, (and especially if you haven’t had one for a while,) you may be slightly sore the next day – much like a good workout at the gym. Sometimes a hot shower or a soak in the bath can ease this soreness. We recommend you increase your water intake after your treatment, to help flush out any lactic acid or toxins released from your muscles by your massage.

The length of your acupuncture treatment will depend on which therapist you see.
Please refer to our Reception to confirm the duration of your booking.

Your acupuncturist will want to obtain a complete picture of your treatment needs and the factors that may be contributing to your condition, so you will need to complete a health history form prior to your treatment. The more we understand your body and how it is working, the quicker and better results we can provide you, so please inform your therapist of all medical conditions you have and all medications you are taking.

Your acupuncturist will need to check your abdomen and back, so please wear clothing suitable for this.

Our therapists practice Japanese acupuncture, which is a more gentle approach than the usual Chinese acupuncture. It is based on accuracy instead of heavy stimulation. The Japanese style of acupuncture generally uses much finer needles (some of the needles we use here are the thickness of a hair!). We also find that, when done correctly, Japanese acupuncture is usually much more effective and long-lasting than the Chinese style.

The combination of gentle, accurate, and shallow insertion, together with finer needles, means that you will normally feel little or nothing from them. In fact, most people find the treatments relaxing, and some even fall asleep during a treatment!

If you prefer, we can use other techniques instead of needles for your treatment.  We can use gentle heat, tapping, very tiny amounts of static charge, and other ways of using the acupuncture points.  Or we can use Toyohari acupuncture methods, where the needles are not inserted, and they are only very lightly touched against the skin instead.

Please let your acupuncturist know if you would prefer an alternative to needles.

Because of the high level of skill, knowledge and training of the acupuncturists at our Clinic, we may be able to assist when another therapist has not been able to. In addition, our therapists practice Japanese acupuncture, so if you have previously used Chinese acupuncture, you may find the Japanese style is more effective for you. We highly recommend booking in for a Complementary Health Assessment with our Head Therapist Peter Mills to discuss your health condition in more depth so you are booked in with the best therapist for you.

Most treatments require therapists to access particular areas on the body that they are treating.
We advise wearing loose, fitting clothing that can be easily moved or removed if necessary.

Please speak to reception for more information.
Please note: Missed Consultations and Late Cancellation Fees apply

You will be asked to complete new client forms prior to commencing an initial treatment. We encourage you to bring along any recent blood tests, biopsies, x-rays, ultrasounds or any other tests including copies of your reports related to your health condition, so that your therapist can peruse.

This can vary largely, depending on the severity of your condition and your commitment to making change determines the length of treatment. Our Practitioners will recommend a the end of their consultation how soon they would like to see you again.

As a client to our clinic we understand the importance of privacy. All personal details and all details of each consultation remain confidential. If you wish to see other practitioners in the clinic your permission will be sought to share information if needed. Information is only shared with your permission.

The Clinic address is:

My Jindalee Village
17/ 62 Looranah Street
Jindalee, QLD 4074

We are located in the My Jindalee Village Shopping Complex directly behind the Jindalee Swimming Pool.

Yes, there is ample free parking located outside the clinic.

Yes, the clinic has a HICAPS machine. If you are with a participating member through the HICAPS machine and covered for Natural Therapies, we will be able to swipe your Health Fund Card at the time of payment.

Due to privacy laws, the clinic is unable to access this information on your behalf. We recommend that you contact your Health Fund Directly to discuss.

If you have a question that is not listed here we would love to hear from you!

You can phone us on 3376 6911 or email us at:

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