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Women are the backbone of our society. They are often the main carers for their partners, their children, and their parents, and frequently sacrifice their needs for those of others. However, because their bodies are more dynamic and complex than men’s, they can also suffer a variety of health problems, such as:

Naturopathy is the use of natural medicines (such as high potency supplements, herbal treatments, diet therapy, etc.) and may be able to assist with these and other women’s health issues.

If you have had enough of struggling with an ongoing problem, please call now to book in for a complimentary Health Assessment. We can then let you know what factors we believe are causing your condition, and what support we can provide for you.

Are You Running Out Of Time To Have A Baby Of Your Own?

Have you been trying for a family for months with no rewards? Falling pregnant is meant to be simple and easy, however for many couples their experience is the exact opposite. In Australia, one in six couples are classed as infertile, and one in three women over 35 experience natural fertility problems. And the trend is getting worse. There are many factors behind this decline, including hormonal imbalances, oxidative stress damage, excess chemical load, sluggish blood supply, and nutritional deficiencies.

For over 20 years, our naturopaths have been providing support for couples to conceive, stay pregnant, have an easier and safer birth, and to produce a healthy baby. In that time we have continued to refine our skills, knowledge and techniques. With any condition, to get good results it is important to treat the causes of the problem, not just the symptoms, and especially so with fertility. Otherwise you could end up spending a considerable amount of time and money on treatments that aren’t effective.

So our approach is not to treat you until we have completed a thorough, detailed assessment to establish:

  • What is going on in your body, and if there are any problems from a natural therapies perspective
  • Any factors that may be affecting your fertility
  • If we believe we can help you with these factors

That way we can get the quickest and best results possible for you. Some of the areas an assessment covers include:

  • How your body is functioning as a whole
    • If there any significant deficiencies influencing your fertility
    • If there are significant levels of toxins in the body, that could be affecting your fertility, or potentially affect your baby’s health
    • Whether your stress levels are showing up as a factor
  • Your hormonal balances, including
    • Your reproductive hormones (oestrogen, progesterone)
    • Your adrenaline levels (which can disrupt your reproductive hormones)
    • Your thyroid hormones (which can directly affect your fertility)
  • How well your reproductive organs are functioning, including your ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes

Once we have completed your fertility assessment, we will explain in clear and simple terms exactly what is going on in your body from a natural therapies perspective. We can also design a treatment program for your specific fertility needs.

Acupuncture and Fertility

It is becoming more common for our acupuncturists to work in conjunction with medical fertility specialists whilst a woman is undergoing ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies such as IVF, IUI and ICSI). There is continuing research about how acupuncture can assist with the effectiveness of IVF treatment, and there is also broad agreement by acupuncturists and other health practitioners about using acupuncture in these cases. Please contact our Principal Therapist if you would like to find out if acupuncture for fertility Brisbane may be able to assist in regard to your specific situation.

The outcome of acupuncture for fertility Brisbane treatments depends on the skill and expertise of the therapist, and on the methods that they use. We only use Japanese acupuncture techniques at our clinic, since when performed by a highly-trained therapist, we have found this style to be more effective that the standard Chinese acupuncture. (All of our acupuncturists were originally taught Chinese acupuncture, but since being trained in the Japanese style they now only use that method.)

Free Fertility Assessment Offer

Normally an assessment such as this could cost $500 or more, however we are currently have a special offer of a Comprehensive Fertility Assessment free of charge. (Limited places are available.) There is also no obligation whatsoever attached to an assessment.

Whenever possible, please book your partner in to our Brisbane clinic for an assessment too. We recommend that each partner attend the other’s fertility assessment, so that they don’t miss out on any key information.

What Makes Us Stand Out From Other Natural Fertility Centres?

  1. As far as we are aware, no other natural therapies clinic in Australia spends as much time assessing you as we do. A Comprehensive Fertility Assessment takes a full hour! We believe it is important to develop a thorough understanding of how everything is working in your body
  2. We are not just one person- we have assembled a Fertility Team that are all highly skilled and experienced in different aspects of fertility, so you will get the perfect therapist for you
  3. Our Brisbane based Fertility Team have over 78 years combined clinical experience, and so we have identified the approaches we believe are the most beneficial
  4. Our Team regularly meet to discuss cases and to share their knowledge and experience with each other, to continually improve the results we achieve for our clients

We suggest having a free Comprehensive Fertility Assessment if you:

  • Are having difficulty conceiving naturally
  • Are considering acupuncture for fertility
  • Are using IUI or IVF, and wish to improve the chances of a successful pregnancy and carry the baby full term
  • Have had many unsuccessful IUI or IVF attempts
  • Have endometriosis
  • Have PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)
  • Have a low sperm count or motility

If time keeps ticking by, and you are looking for answers on why it seems everyone you know is getting pregnant except you, please call to book in for a free Fertility Assessment as early as possible. We can then let you know what support we can provide you in your fertility journey (in addition to your normal medical treatment).

For further information please read our article The five major causes of infertility which can also be downloaded here as a fact sheet.

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Valued at $120, your Assessment will help to uncover:

  • What is going on with your body
  • What is working properly and what is not working properly
  • What is causing the problem, and
  • The best way to get it sorted out

All this will be fully explained to you, and you can ask as many questions as you like. That way we can be sure to give you all of the right information, understanding and advice you need. Terms and conditions: This is a free, no obligation offer.


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