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Specialist Naturopath Brisbane

As qualified Brisbane Naturopaths we will examine each aspect of your health in order to determine the cause of a problem and correctly treat it, rather than just treating the symptoms. In taking the time to listen to you, and employing both science based treatments and traditional, natural medicine to treat you, you also play an integral part in the decision-making of your naturopathic treatment plan.

experienced naturopath brisbaneNaturopaths improve the wellbeing and vitality of the body to help it heal problems and diseases.  We use substances that occur in nature, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements to improve the way the body is working and to stimulate repair processes.

The cells of the body are like tiny plants – if you give them enough water and nutrients they thrive and do well.  If the cells are not getting enough of the right nutrients, water and oxygen, or if they are congested with wastes or toxins, over time they will start to perform poorly, like a car that needs tuning.  As these cells become worse, you may start to experience vague symptoms of low health such as insomnia, lack of energy, poor memory, poor appetite, constipation, period pain, etc. Often the tissues will start to become irritated or inflamed, and as the cells deteriorate further, actual diseases start to appear.


Naturopathy focuses on restoring the affected cells by correcting the chemistry of the blood, providing the cells with the correct nutrition and fluids they need, reducing any inflammation, and getting rid of any built-up wastes or toxins.  Naturopathy enables the cells to thrive and flourish again, and perform as they are meant to.  Your naturopath will carefully identify what the issues are with your affected organs or tissues and the best way to restore them to good condition again.  Everyone is different and has a system and physique which works slightly differently, so your naturopathic treatment will be tailored specifically to your needs.

Naturopathy can help nearly any condition, including digestive issues, stress and mood disorders, reproductive issues, poor immunity, sleep problems and much more. On your first visit our Brisbane naturopaths will examine your full health history to help identify the cause of your problems. They may also use iridology, Organ Function Testing, nail and tongue assessment or blood tests. By treating the cause you will receive deeper and longer lasting results, leaving you feeling better for much longer.

Our Brisbane naturopath professionals only ever use the highest quality practitioner strength natural medicines available, to achieve the best possible results each time.

Free Assessment

If you have a health issue you would like to resolve, we offer a free Comprehensive Assessment. Please see towards the bottom of our Home page or the video at the top right of this page for details.


Much more than just a Naturopath Brisbane based Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic also provide the following services:

Weight Loss – any experienced therapist will tell you, that if you don’t address the causes, you won’t get good results, or get short-term improvement only. If you are eating well, exercising, and still not losing weight, something is causing your body to store fat instead of burn it up. We conduct a detailed analysis of why your body is wanting to retain excess weight, and provide you with a program that is tailored to the exact needs of your body.

Natural Fertility Management – is a major speciality of our clinic, with 3 of our therapists highly trained and experienced in this area. Recent estimates are that one in six couples are classed as infertile, and fertility problems affect one in three women over 35, so this is a very significant problem in Australia. Something that should be easy and natural is becoming increasingly harder, and more and more couples are seeking effective solutions from our clinic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – a complete medical system used to relieve pain and to treat or prevent disease. For around 3 thousand years, the Chinese and Japanese used a combination of Acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies (herbs), diet, exercise and massage to address the causes and symptoms of health problems.

Stop Smoking – quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health. We have possibly the most advanced Stop Smoking treatment program available. As well as controlling any cravings, the treatments help detoxify your body, repair your lungs, improve your heart, and reduce stress. This detailed approach helps to minimise the chance of any relapse, and one treatment is all that is normally required.


To find out more about our Naturopath Brisbane services, or to take advantage of our Free Health Assessment offer (valued at $120), please call us on 07 3376 6911. Or you can click on ‘Book Now’ at the top of this page to make an appointment.