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Digestive Conditions

Many natural therapists consider the digestive system to be the cornerstone of people’s health, responsible for the nutrition to every cell of the body. Yet digestive problems are very common, and are becoming more frequent all the time. They include:

Belching or burpingBloating
ColitisCoeliac disease
ConstipationCrohn’s disease
DiarrhoeaDuodenal ulcers
Flatulence (gas or wind)Food intolerances or allergies
Gum problemsHeartburn
IndigestionIrritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Lack of appetiteMouth ulcers
Spastic colonStomach pain
Stomach ulcersVomiting

One reason for the rise in digestive problems is the increased incidence of food intolerances. We are able to provide in-house Food Intolerance Testing to medically determine how your body reacts to 59 of the most common foods which cause problems.


Naturopathy is the use of natural medicines to treat health problems. It may involve the use of high potency supplements, herbal treatments, diet therapy, etc. Naturopaths are qualified health professionals with a 4 year degree. We have two dedicated, full-time naturopaths at our clinic, Margaret McNamara and Sunni Patel.

If you suffer from any digestive condition, please book in for a free, no obligation assessment by Peter Mills, our Head Therapist. He will let you know exactly what is going on with your digestion, what has caused the problem, and the best way to resolve it in the shortest possible time.