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We will be putting our hands up (as well as on people’s backs) to raise money for the handicapped young people at Youngcare, Sinnamon Park.  There are over 6,500 other young people with disabilities living in aged care facilities, simply because there are no other places to house them and take care of them.  Young people deserve young lives.

To raise as much money as we can, 100% of the proceeds of all Gift Vouchers sold before Christmas Day will be donated to Youngcare.  The more we help people’s backs and necks with remedial massage, the more we will also help handicapped young people.  Each year we aim to raise $5,000 for charity, with the bulk of the money going to Youngcare.  This year we have already raised $4,177, so we may even raise over $6,000 this year!

Plus, all our treatments are covered by our ‘Best in Brisbane or Your Money Back’ Guarantee.  If anyone doesn’t think that their massage was the best that they have had, we will give them a full refund!  (No ifs, buts or maybes.)

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