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  1. Nataliia says:

    I’m looking for an opportunity as a Massage Therapist. I’m fully insured and registered.
    My email:

  2. Bill Lysaght says:

    Hi Peter,

    You may not remember me, but my details should be on file, i was visiting for back pain and with success.
    Just wondering if you can help with knee issues,I believe it’s Patellofemoral Pain or (Jumpers Knee.)I have been to the Phsyio and also taking Glucosamine. I have had no success at all. I love running but i’m unable to do it due to this injury. Can you help? Regards Bill.

  3. Julie Holmans says:

    I am really struggling with a chronic neck that is particularly sore at present and would like to try some Bowen therapy.. I wondered if you have any appointments for Wednesday 20/03 by any chance?
    Could you call me please on 0433 833 723

    Thanks so much


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