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Health Assessments

“I’ve just had my first week with the clinic and I can’t believe what a difference it has made! I’ve lost two kilograms, and when I had my Health Assessment with Peter I swore that he was psychic because he was telling me what I already knew, and his words were “I’m only telling you what your body is telling me”.

I’m here purely because I was a non-believer, and after just one week with the clinic I am now a true believer! I can’t wait for the coming weeks and months. I’ve just changed everything – I’ve chucked everything out of the cupboard and the fridge to re-stock, I’m just going nuts and loving every minute of it, it’s great!”

~ Julie, New Farm

“Initial consult with Peter – amazing. For a longstanding health issue he was able to identify and work through my issues, and didn’t rush any aspect of treatment. Very experienced and knowledgable. Would recommend to all my friends.”

~ Samantha, Facebook


Weight Loss, Remedial Massage Brisbane, Acupuncture Brisbane
“For many years I’ve been saying ‘I need to improve my health’, ‘I want to lose weight’, ‘I would love to have more energy’ and each year I wouldn’t get any closer to these goals.

I had all the excuses, I was working 50+ hours a week! no time for exercise during the week & by the weekend I had no energy. My working week became more stressful due to corporate ‘changes’ & my health really began to suffer. After months of deliberating I resigned & moved to a part-time position & said goodbye to the stress. Now I had the time to exercise, improve my health and loose weight; but no, it still didn’t happen.

After two years of continuing to make excuses I finally got serious & booked in for a Health Assessment with Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic & I haven’t looked back since!

We decided the best course of action for me would be the weight loss program. Peter & Margaret helped me to understand my body type & why I hadn’t had lasting success in the past. It just all made sense, and the results showed. I started feeling better than I had ever done; I loved receiving compliments on how well I looked from family & friends.

To compliment the program I would see Lisa for massage treatments; just what I needed to work out the knots & kinks. Recently I have added acupuncture treatments; … these are proving very successful …

I am extremely happy with the services I have had at CNTC & will continue to recommend them, who doesn’t want to improve their health & well being?

So thank you Peter, Margaret, Lisa & the wonderful ladies on reception who manage to organize my treatment times to suit; I couldn’t have done it without you!”

~ Tracy, Jindalee

Tiredness, PMS, Weight Loss
“I have just completed the 17 week Restoration Program. Upon commencement I was tired, lethargic and felt heavy, with terrible PMS. 17 weeks later I am pleased to report I have an abundance of energy, I feel light and energetic and have lost a few kilos in the process. No more concerns with PMS. Thank you … You are all amazing at what you do! Peter, you have a great team which starts with the beautiful welcomes from your reception staff.”

~ Tracey, Riverhills

Mind and Body Revived
“To Peter and the Team,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you have done for me over the last 8 months; there is no doubt in my mind that I am a new person, inside and out.

I was trying to find the words to describe how I feel now compared to how I was when I first despondently walked in your door. I wanted to encapsulate everything into one word to depict the prodigiousness of my transformation. I found what I was looking for, just as you have all helped me find my healthy and balanced self again through all my pain, dullness and ill health that I have suffered with for years, and restored my well being, health and my enthusiasm for life.

I know that I can say this with complete certainty, that through Centenary Natural Therapies treatment and remedies, I have been revivified.

When I looked up the meaning of this word, I felt its definition embodies who I now am, my renewed self. ‘Revivify: to restore to life; give new life to; reanimate.’

So again, thank you.”

~ Melissa, Camira

Restoration Program
“Only half way through The Restoration Program and have never felt so good. I can finally breath again. Life ahead is out there to be explored.”

~ Tammy, Jamboree Heights

Restoration Program
“Thank you to the whole team at Centenary Naturopath. I came here feeling terrible and have left my last session feeling amazing. I have learned so much and how important it is to look after yourself. Thank you heaps!”

~ Tahlia, Grange

Allergy Program
“Being new in Brisbane, I was desperately looking for a good practitioner to treat my hay fever and allergies. I have heard of this Clinic through a close friend of mine who had a very high regard for Peter. I suffered severe symptoms of hay fever before I have come for treatment at the clinic. I used to feel tired and lethargic most of the time with runny nose, watery eyes and constant sneezing. I have undergone the allergy testing and treatment and had amazing results. I feel more energetic and not as affected by strong smells and perfumes.

I have undergone my treatment under the Allergy Treatment Program, which allowed me to have Organ Function Testing before and after the treatment which helped to track the improvement in the functioning of the organs. The Program also included consultations with the Naturopath, who had suggested a Detox program to make my body more efficient in absorbing the nutrients. After completing my Program, I continue … ongoing treatment once in 4 to 6 weeks for my general well being.

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from allergies. Thank you.”

~ Sree, Indooroopilly

Restoration Program
“I have just completed the Restoration Program and feel so much more energetic. Thank you so much.”

~ Maureen, Ipswich

Restoration Program
“I have completed a course with Peter and my overall health has improved so much that I am getting positive feedback from friends and family. Thank you.”

~ Jennifer, Acacia Ridge

Great Results

“An excellent targeted treatment that improved my symptoms and energy dramatically.”

~ Alan, NSW

“My goodness, I wouldn’t have believed that I could feel so much better. Thanks to the fantastic team!! My energy, emotional state and sleep have improved out of sight. Thank you sooo much Margaret and Peter. xxx”

~ Margaret, Doolandella

“Thank you all for changing my life. I cannot believe how different I feel. I was skeptical in the beginning, but that skepticism soon changed. It’s been a wonderful journey and I thank Peter and Margaret from the bottom of my heart.”

~ Julie, New Farm

“What a wonderful, well balanced and appointed practice! They perform miracles here! Carol and her orthobionomy and acupuncture all altering long held body tightness/imbalances. Margaret is doing wonders to my health and body functions. What a find!”

~ Janet, Pittsworth

“Peter is great, each treatment I feel better and more relaxed. I’m trying to convince all my friends to come and see him. Thanks.”

~ Robyn, Bundamba

“‘Magic’ is the only way to describe it.”

~ Irene, Graceville

“Thank you Peter, I feel years younger, even riding a bike again! My aches and pains are all but gone. Never thought I would feel this good again ever.”

~ Donna, Westlake

“When I first walked into the clinic and spoke to Peter, I was at the end of myself. Emotionally I felt close to a break down and physically I was in terrible pain from bad arthritis in most of my body.

Carol and Margaret took me in hand and I am feeling so much better. My pain is under control and I am able to sleep better. Emotionally I have a lot more calmness in my life and my body. I am feeling incredibly better.
I love the atmosphere of peace at the clinic. Everyone is calm, friendly and supportive and the treatmetns are gentle but effective.

Thank you to each staff member. I can’t express my appreciation enough for all your help. I certainly do recommend your clinic to anyone who needs help.”

~ Mary, Riverhills

“This treatment is just magic.”

~ Margarita, Kenmore

“Peter your work is very special. I’m leaving feeling a very different person and I have no neck pain.”

~ Kerry, Rosewood

“Fantastic!! Need I say any more.”

~ Kelly, Forest Lake

“Peter did an awesome job again. 100% awesome treatment. Thank You Peter.”

~ Caitlyn, Springfield

“Fabulous results after only 6 weeks – thank you Peter and Margaret.”

~ Julie, New Farm

“I had been suffering poorly from my health for over two years after a blood transfusion and a month off work I sought help with my illness. Within one month my energy levels and blood levels were back up. I haven’t felt this good in years. I still have a way to go but Peter and the team there are the best in the business!”

~ Vicky, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations

“Better than any doctor, awesome.”

~ Karyn, Durack

“When only the best will do, come to Peter.”

~ David, Westlake

“Wonderful work!”

~ Betty, Westlake


~ Jim, Karana Downs

“Apart from the business being extremely professional on the whole, their therapists are highly skilled and knowledgeable. They provide holistic solutions with a focus on prevention more so than cure.”

~ Jamie, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations

“I came to Peter with rapidly deteriorating vision. After one visit my foot was fixed, and after three visits my distance vision was perfect again! Thank you Peter.”

~ Margaret, Algester

“I have been coming twice in four years. Sinus fixed! Twisted ankle fixed!”

~ Jodie-Joy, Tanah Merah

“So very happy with my treatment. Excellent job Peter.”

~ Irene J.

“Peter has helped me immeasurably with his treatments and wonderful ethos and demeanour. Thank You!”

~ Eleanor, Kenmore

“Very impressed, couldn’t be happier with results.”

~ Kendall, Morningside

“Peter Mills, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!”

~ Emma, Sinnamon Park

“Wonderful, thank you so much.”

~ Teegan G.

Exceptional Care

“Been coming for almost a year to Anthea and Margaret, and they both give me the most amazing care and advice. ??”

~ Tegan, Marburg   

“I had been experiencing back pain but it seemed relaxing massages doesn’t relieve it. I searched for other alternatives and came across Centenary Natural Therapies which I found interesting as I’ve never tried any natural remedies.

The staff are so welcoming and friendly and if you ask them, they’d be happy to explain the natural therapies they offer and discuss what could suit your problem. I told them I had back pain but I’ve tried massages so I needed something different. Peter, the owner, has been practicing for years and has a lot of experience and even awards with reputable Tradition Chinese Medicine institutions. He suggested I try Acupuncture. Prior to this I had never tried acupuncture because I had been quite sceptical in the past, but after my first two sessions I felt a dramatic shift in pressure in my back- it was going away. I was so pleased with their service and glad I tried this place out.

I’ve chatted to some of the older clients in the waiting room, who have mentioned they have been going there for a while and keep coming back because they feel great and they want to continue feeling great. Natural therapies is a great alternative to treating any health problems, it’s safe and relies purely on natural remedies as opposed to medication. So if you needed a break from medication, I suggest you try this place out.”

~ Jen, Yellow Pages review

“CONGRATULATIONS on the Award! It doesn’t surprise me as the team and the outstanding therapists make you guys Award worthy.”

~ Sharlene, Goodna

“Excellent service.”

~ Beverly, Fairney View

“Exceptional care. Thank You. Looking forward to further therapy Peter.”

~ Callum, Stretton

“Awesome as always.”

~ Helena, Bellbird Park

“We have sought treatment from Peter for the last few years. An absolute professional and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Peter.”

~ Unni, Westlake

“Thank you for your commitment to care. Trust us, you are wonderful.”

~ Olivia-Jane, Westlake

“The service that I received from everybody at the clinic has been first class and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”

~ Dale, Middle Park

“Love, love love! I am constantly recomending this place to everyone :-D”

~ Catherine, Jindalee

“I was very impressed by your clinic and how relaxing it felt even when walking in the door.”

~ Julie, Middle Park

“Fabulous and customised service. Responsive to client needs. Great masseur and reception staff who really made a difference to my physical health.”

~ Lynda, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations

“It is a business with caring, professional staff at all levels.”

~ Barry, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations

“I am a new client to the Clinic but I have been impressed by their friendly knowledgeable staff who listen to your concerns and issues and devise an individual treatment plan that you can afford.”

~ Judi, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations

“Professional, personalised and friendly service. Staff are very caring and genuine.”

~ Emma, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations

“Always up-to-date, always results driven, always patient/client focused, always friendly, always caring, always there… all ways to run a great business.”

~ Michael, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations

“I have received outstanding results from acupuncture and massage treatments during last year. They are extremely accommodating not only in service delivery but also in customer service. A great team.”

~ Jen, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations

“Sensational, Bravo, ‘Best on Ground’, feel great!!”

~ Ralph, Westlake

“Thanks again to Peter and his team, yet again wonderful treatment and fantastic results.”

~ John, Toowong

“I always feel so much better after a visit!! You’re all such great people! Thanks so much.”

~ Paula W.

“Margaret and Carol have helped me so much with my health. They are so knowledgeable and so understanding. Always going the extra not trying to get you out the door as soon as they can, they really care about their clients, well done ladies.”

~ Kerri, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations

“Feeling so much better, excellent care, thank you.”

~ Deslie, Jindalee

“Peter is very understanding and knows what he is doing, a real healer.”

~ Paul, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations

“Thank you all so much for caring.”

~ Penny, Forest lake

Feeling Great

“I strongly recommend CNT Clinic. My health was severely compromised by various conditions. I was constantly fatigued and/or sick. After the initial health assessments with Peter Mills which I found very thorough and accurate in its findings, I started treatment with Michelle for acupuncture and naturopathy with Margaret. I was very impressed with both treatments and obtained steady improvement with Plantar Fascitis, food intolerances and digestive issues as well as very low and compromised immunity.

I also had a major breakthrough with sinusitis and recurrent colds and flus, including severe sinus headaches, sore throat, nausea and fever, simply by washing my sinuses as instructed by Peter. Since I started washing my sinuses nearly three months ago I have not had sinusitis, colds or flus. This used to occur every two to three weeks.

I cannot thank the CNT team enough for giving me back quality of life and more energy to cope with daily obligations. I also commend them for their professionalism, their exceptional knowledge and skills and their caring and welcoming attitude with patients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!”

~ Marie Lauren Paul, Facebook   

“Thank you Peter, …, Lisa and Sunni for helping me back into recovery. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

~ Karen, Oxley

As always, I leave floating on air and feeling a million times better! Thank you!!

~ Carol, Keperra  

“As always its nice to be here, great. Thank you for caring for my wellbeing.”

~ Anonymous  

“This is a place of Heaven. You always know that you are going to feel so much better after any visit here. THANK YOU!”

~ Biggan, Kangaroo Point   

“I cannot remember when I last had such an abundance of energy and life in me. This clinic has given me back my LIFE. I feel as if I were a teenager again, so rich and full and fun is my life after 20 years as a sleepwalker. Thank You for making me fee and act as 17, when I really am 57!!!”

~ Margarita, Kenmore

“WOW, I feel alive, I feel light, cheeky and energised. Why did it take me so long to get here!”

~ Jane, Collingwood Park

“I feel euphoric!”

~ Tina, Parkinson

“I can’t believe how much better I feel! Instead of being a zombie, I am a fully functional human being. Thanks!”

~ Jenine, Riverhills

“Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!!”

~ Kim, Westlake

“A big thanks to Peter (and the friendly faces at reception!). Not only do I feel 200% better than a year ago when I first walked in, I understand my body a whole lot more. I would recommned the clinic to anyone wanting to improve their health.”

~ Corinna, Newport

“I feel sooo much better than I did 8 months ago. Wonderful feeling!”

~ Hayley, Jindalee

“So deeply relaxing. I feel like I’ve been worked on for half a day.”

~ Margaret, Seventeen Mile Rocks

“My treatment has lifted me to a point I haven’t been in a long time. It gave me the energy I was seeking and helped me to get rid of the hopelessness I was feeling.”

~ Megan R.

“It was an absolute pleasure to be treated by Peter. I’m such a healthier person with a lot more energy.”

~ Anthea, Bardon

“Going really well – never felt better for years.”

~ Andrea, Riverhills

“Floating, + the ‘wow’ factor is Magic.”

~ Claire, Pinjarra

“Amazing! I should do this every week!”

~ Renee, Jindalee

“Thank you, I feel a new me, haven’t felt like this for years. Thanks.”

~ Karen, Koominya

“Cannot live without it.”

~ Anonymous


“Always superb in many ways.”

~ David, Kenmore  

“These guys are amazing!!!”

~ Elie Baguley, Facebook   

“Who would have thought 6 months ago when I arrived for fertility support that I would now be 5 months pregnant with healthy twin boys! What a turnaround! A huge heartfelt thanks.”

~ Tonya, Sinnamon Park

‘PLEASE make CNTC your choice’
“I feel blessed to have received excellent service on my many visits with numerous health issues .More so I wish to say to anyone with health issues PLEASE make CNTC your choice of natural therapy and you will save a lot of time in recovery and get your health back quicker.”

~ Sushma, Westlake

Relaxed, Pain Free
“It’s been 2 years since my last visit here and now realise what I was missing. I can walk away from here feeling so relaxed and with no pain. Thanks Peter!”

~ Tricia R.

Years Younger
“Thank you Peter, I feel years younger, even riding a bike again! My aches and pains are all but gone. Never thought I would feel this good again ever.”

~ Donna, Westlake

“As a new age sceptic, when I ran out of options for remedies to my continuous feeling of exhaustion, I turned to Peter and the team more out of desperation than anything else. I now wish I’d gone to them first rather than having suffered the 15 months of prodding, poking, sampling, medication and advice that did me no good. I know that each case they treat is largely unique, but have to give them huge thanks for the amazing difference that they’ve made to my life and will happily recommend them to anyone suffering similar predicaments.”

~ Ruby B.

“Peter and his team have been wonderful over the past 8 months as I have progressed through my pregnancy. My doctor is amazed at how well I am and I can’t thank Peter enough for his treatments over this period. Bub ‘B’ now due any day and I have no doubt the acupuncture has helped ENORMOUSLY the whole way! Thank you.”

~ Nicole, Pullenvale

No More Migraines
“Ever since visiting the clinic I have not had a migraine in 3 months. Thanks!”

~ Kim, Westlake

Sleeping Properly Again
“First time in two years, not medicating to sleep, and sleeping through the night.”

~ Heidi, Scarborough

Tremor and Pain
“For the past 34 years I have had a medical condition called Essential Tremor, a neurological disorder characterised by shaking … which in turn causes tiredness, weakness and pain. I have tried many doctors … and alternate therapies … but then I tried … Acupuncture Brisbane & there has been definite improvements. I am walking better, my back pain is better and my hand writing is improving … Thank you.”

~ Marie, Goodna

“My doctor has told me a couple of times that I surprise him because my cancer count is like a roller coaster ride. I am convinced that the acupuncture has prolonged my life.”

~ Anna, Middle Park

Knowledgeable Therapists
“It’s amazing how all the wonderful people know how to look after you.”

~ Emily (8), Forest Lake

Skin Problem, Pain
“This outcome is a god-send, as my son’s condition saw him leave karate lessons, after achieving a brown belt. Driving lessons were a no-no also. At this very moment he is taking his fourth driving lesson and hoping to resume karate this year.”

~ Jacqui, Ellen Grove


“Amazing massage session yesterday with Dale Christoff. Gentle but effective. Feeling great and rejuvenated this morn. Highly recommended. Thanks Dale’”

~ Noel, Heathwood   

“The best massage I have ever received is at Centenary Natural Therapies (and I have tried lots of places!) Lisa Williams is the female massage therapist there. Highly recommend your friend books in with her.”

~ 4074 Community Facebook page   

“Dale has worked wonders on my neck and shoulders. Since having regular massages I’ve barely had a single headache. I really can’t recommend him highly enough.”

~ Natalie Durack

“You cannot buy yourself a better gift than this!! I had a remedial massage from Lisa Williams – thank you I cannot express enough how much better I feel after my appointment. All of the staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, the facility is clean, modern and professional. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to my next appointment.”

~ Allen, Jindalee   

Feeling grateful
I would like to thank Lisa Williams from Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic for my massage today. You really did wonders and I recommend Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic. She found all my sore spots. Thank you to Dr Peter Mills and his staff.”

~ Nora Herbert, Facebook   

“Definitely the Best massage in Brisbane.”

~ Darryl, Seventeen Mile Rocks

“Excellent massage from Lisa once again.”

~ Martin, Westlake

“Had the best massage from Lisa.”

~ Lynne, Middle Park

“Thank you Lisa for the fabulous massage, great job!”

~ Shann, Sinnamon Park

“Thank you Lisa, best massage ever!! Lovely staff – great people, recommend to everyone I know.”

~ Lesley-Anne, Gailes

“Lisa – I can move again!”

~ Alyssa, Sinnamon Park

“Just wanted to say a big thanks to Lisa for a wonderful massage last Thursday. I had a lovely experience, good chat, great massage and will be recommending to local friends.”

~ Sonja, Jindalee

“Excellent Massage.”

~ Elliott, Bagdad

“Great massage, thanks Lisa.”

~ Russell, Redbank Plains

“Lisa- Absolutely wonderful. Thank You!!”

~ Monu, Mansfield

“Amazing massage treatment.”

~ Lucia, Sinnamon Park

“The best massage I have ever had – relieved and relaxed. Thanks Lisa.”

~ Tom, Seventeen Mile Rocks

“Thanks Lisa, feel like I walked into a new body.”

~ Adrian, Westlake

“Lisa you do a wonderful massage. Thank you.”

~ Marie, Kanahooka

“The massage service offered by Lisa Williams has been excellent and she has managed to control an on-going condition I have had for over 12 months.”

~ Ian, Westlake

“Absolutely wonderful massage! Thank you.”

~ Debbie, Middle Park

“I feel like many ‘springs’ have been unwound! What relief! I hope to be back for more. Thanks Lisa.”

~ Felicity, Seventeen Mile Rocks

Pain Relief

“I’ve been going to the clinic for a few months now. I never usually take the time to write reviews however on this occasion I will make an exemption!
I see both Dale (massage therapist) and Anthea (acupuncturist) and couldn’t recommend them more. Dale has helped infinitely with an old whip lash injury. Anthea has worked her magic and for the first time in my life I have been pain free with endometriosis, ? so thanks guys!”

~ Sophie Anne, Facebook   

“Its always good to come for a treatment and get release of pain. Thank you.”

~ Frank, Camira  

“Oh my goodness, today is the last visit and I almost forgot what pain I was in on my first. Not being able to breathe from back pain: my life day to day is quite amazing. Treatment has also made myself make some great changes to lifestyle and diet; just what I needed. Thank you sooo much.”

~ Kim, Westlake

“I am so happy to say that most of my back pain is now gone. An amazing improvement!”

~ Angela, Seventeen Mile Rocks

“After 3 years of constant pain in my shoulder ended on the fifth appointment with Peter. I will certainly refer you to all my family and friends. Thanks Peter.”

~ Noel, Forest Lake

“6 months of pain in my left leg gone after 2 treatments. Thanks, a wonderful experience.”

~ Mary, Sumner

“Peter is unbelievable. After pain for the past 6 weeks he has worked his magic again!”

~ Sarah, Springfield

“After only 4 sessions, I now feel 200% better and life is worth living again. My arthritic pain is so much better and all my movements so much easier. It is like a miracle.”

~ Jill, Auchenflower

“Peter has done wonders to my back, the pain hasn’t come back. Thank you.”

~ Fiona L

“Peter, I came to you with severe headaches, neck and shoulder pain. The treatment that you performed was amazing. I had been seeing a physiotherapist for two months, and you helped me more in two visits. Thank you so much. I like the moxa, very good stuff.”

~ Warren, Springfield

“Once again Peter you have worked wonders with my 3 day headache, gone in a few minutes and I am back to no pain and fully functioning so I can keep working and caring for 3 children and my family. Thanks Peter.”

~ Sally, Capalaba

“Extremely happy with Peter’s treatment. Much improvement in hands, feet and other fibromyalgia points which have experienced long term pain.”

~ Paula, Kallangur


“Hi Anthea,
I just wanted to share our news and thank you so much for your care and support before and during pregnancy! The acupuncture must have helped in getting my body ready and I had a really positive labour and birth this time round ? …
Woke up with the first contraction at 1:45am and he was born at 4:30am, drug free, all natural. I felt so in control physically and mentally and have had a very easy recovery … pelvic floor in tact and no ab separation! Amazing and the complete opposite to my first birth!! He is also very chilled and we have been enjoying our first couple of days together ?
Funnily enough neither of us were affected at all by the GDM (gestational diabetes) and my placenta was really healthy ?
Thank you again!”

~ Sarah, Fig Tree Pocket   

“Profound! acupuncture. 🙂 “

~ Nina, Collingwood  

“Dr Peter is incredible! Amazing work!”

~ Himani, Bowen Hills  

“Met with Peter, fantastic! Will be seeing again soon.”

~ Andrew, Redbank Plains

My wife can always tell when I have come home after seeing Peter, ‘You’re smiling and happy again.’

~ Jon, Jamboree Heights  

“Always amazed how much relief is instant with acupuncture. A pleasant surprise. Thanks you.”

~ Kathy, Richlands   

“I could see the benefits in just two visits. The benefits of acupuncture are endless and Peter makes it easy.”

~ Rhiannon, Bardon 

“Thank you Peter for your skill and precision. Always great treatments.

~ Emma, Sinnamon Park   

“THIS IS IT!!! Nothing works better and gives more lasting effects than a Peter Mills acupuncture session – you get truly healed!”

~ Margarita, Kenmore

“Today I’ll walk out of here totally pain-free. That feeling hasn’t been felt for the last thirty years!! Thank you Peter for your magic knowledge of Acupuncture; it is truly life changing.”

~ Margarita, Kenmore

“1st time I’ve had acupuncture. Initially to ‘fix’ my stiff right arm/elbow but also sorting out other issues including my recent irritating cough. You have worked wonders Peter and thanks for the information and handy hints.”

~ Karen K.

“Loved the acupuncture – I’ve learned so much and feel so much better. Great customer service 😀 .”

~ Marion, Forest Lake

“Peter- Your acupuncture is MAGIC.”

~ Noel, Durack

“I had acupuncture elsewhere and didn’t feel any better but Peter did a brilliant job.”

~ Mary G.

“The clinic has done wonders for me, with Acupuncture treatment. The staff are all very friendly and professional and they all deserve recognition.”

~ Roger, 2015 Small Business Award Nominations


“Thank you Margaret for all your encouragement and good advice.’

~ Mary, Riverhills  

“Yay! I feel great! Thanks Margaret!

~ Sophie, Sinnamon Park 

“Thanks Margaret!! You’re awesome!!! 😀 “

~ Jay, Middle Park

“Thanks Margaret, Its been a pleasure learning from you- I feel great! Thanks to Elle (reception) for always being so cheerful!”

~ Marion, Forest Lake

“I wanted to thank you for helping me to find my zest for life again. Since seeing you in February I have lost an incredible amount of weight, 22 cm off my waist line, 10 kg of body fat, and since your initial consultations I feel so much better for it.

Having suffered with a thyroid problem from 2006, and being on antidepressant medication for 3 years after the loss of my step dad, my weight piled on while I attended Uni. I constantly felt sluggish, tired and overweight and I didn’t have any energy. Simple chores used to tire me, and even looking after myself (enough to attract a mate) was uninteresting.

Yet now in March 2009 my life has turned around a complete 180 degrees, I am feeling healthy & sensational, have met a wonderful man, am looking great and have prolonged my death (life) an extra seven years. I truly believe that the keto diet, and your nutritional advice / education, has enabled me to regain my youthful figure, lift my spirit and return my life to its full potential.

Thank you for taking the time with me to explain the benefits of my food choices, and after following your recommendations I honestly do feel more energetic and healthier on the inside which, my boyfriend now says, is giving me ‘that’ glow on the outside.

I feel GREAT! So, thank you so very, very, much.”

~ Julie, Greenbank

“Margaret, kind, caring, lovely lady.”

~ Lesley-Anne, Gailes