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About Sunaina (Sunni) Patel (Naturopath, Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, Lecturer)

  • Sunaina (Sunni) Patel, naturopathMasters of Human Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Lecturer in Nutritional Prescribing, Naturopathic Patient Management, Food as Medicine, and Sociology
  • Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)


Sunni is a highly qualified and experienced therapist; as well as a degree in Naturopathy, she also holds a Masters in Clinical Nutrition. Sunni has treated a vast spectrum of different conditions, and her treatments are strongly evidence-based and results-driven. She uses a systematic approach to diet planning and nutritional medicine to help her clients achieve their desired results.

The focus of her Masters degree was Behavioural Neuroscience and Social Psychology, and therefore her areas of expertise include all mental health disorders. Sunni also has special interest and considerable expertise in fatigue issues and women’s hormonal disorders. She has a great understanding of the human microbiome (the gut ecosystem) and complex digestive problems, and as a result in 2015 she was an Australian delegate at The International Scientific Conference of Probiotics and Prebiotics held in Budapest, Hungary.

Sunni is passionate about educating students and other therapists, and has travelled throughout Australia as a seminar presenter. She

  • Was previously a Scientific & Clinical Advisor for one of Australia’s most respected practitioner-prescribed nutritional supplements companies
  • Was a member of their Technical, Research and Development Team, and helped develop a number of products used by naturopaths today
  • Through seminars, workshops and webinars, she trained other naturopaths in clinical treatments for their clients
  • Is a Lecturer and Clinic Supervisor at the Endeavour College of Natural Health
  • Is a mentor to other natural therapies practitioners, ranging from new graduates to long-established and experienced therapists

Sunni is also a certified Pilates Instructor, and enjoys practising mind-body medicine.