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TV Ads Informing the Benefits of Natural Therapies

Metagenics are the largest and most reputable supplier of supplements for natural therapists and naturopaths. Their products include many of the highest quality and most effective practitioner-strength supplements available, and can only be prescribed by a qualified therapist. Metagenics have their own purpose built research clinic, to test the latest scientific findings in actual clinical practice. This helps them to develop cutting edge, clinically proven treatments for complex conditions.

Metagenics have always been very strong supporters of natural therapies, and now they have released a series of TV ads advising of the benefits of these therapies. The ads talk about natural therapists providing personalised treatments, using an effective natural approach, with some of the benefits including more energy, less stress, less sick days, and effective weight loss.

The complete series of 15 and 30 second adverts can be found on our YouTube channel.