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COVID Patient with Sepsis makes ‘Remarkable’ Recovery after Megadose of Vitamin C

Megadose infusionA young Australian man who was critically ill with COVID-19 and suffering early stages of sepsis made a remarkable recovery after being given massive doses of vitamin C.
Sepsis is a life-threatening condition which results from the body damaging its own organs trying to fight an infection. It was starting to take hold of his body, and his time was running out. Professor Rinaldo Bellomo, director of Intensive Care at Melbourne’s Austin Health, said the 40-year-old’s health had started to deteriorate significantly from COVID-19, with the man losing kidney function, and his blood pressure plummeting.
The man was given an initial dose of 30 grams of vitamin C over 30 minutes, then 30 grams over six and a half hours. “This is the equivalent of 5,000 oranges pumping through his veins,” Professor Bellomo said. An over-the-counter vitamin C supplement is 500mg, meaning this megadose was 60 times the normal dosage,
Sepsis is the most common cause of death in intensive care units, and a common cause of death for people gravely ill with COVID-19.
Professor Bellomo said after the patient had the megadose of vitamin C, the changes were “‘remarkable”. “In a short period of time, we saw improved regulation of blood pressure, arterial blood oxygen levels and kidney function,” he said. His temperature also improved.
A 2020 review of scientific evidence published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found high dose vitamin C given on its own or with steroids did not provide “significant survival benefit” for patients with sepsis or septic shock. However, Professor Bellomo said the previous trials used a lower dose of vitamin C; the amount in this case was 50 times greater than any other tried before for sepsis. (For more information about the case, please click here.)

(Note- Vitmain C is an amazing nutrient which can have a profound effect on the body, particulaly for infections or repair. Linus Pauling, regarded as the 16th most important scientist in history, was a big advocate of megadoses for a variety of conditions from colds to cancer and heart disease. Hopefully this case will stimulate an interest by the medical profession in the use of megadoses of nutrients such as vitamin C to treat a variety of serious illnesses.

However, large doses of any nutrient should be treated like a drug, and only taken under the direction of a qualified naturopath or other therapist highly trained in their use to resolve specific health issues.)