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Holiday Survival Packs

holiday survival kitChristmas can be a wonderful time of year, but it can also be a hectic and stressful time as well. Work is often busy, you are trying to organise Christmas, there is the all the shopping to do, Christmas functions to go to, and the house needs cleaning before the relatives come. Often the diet goes out the window as well. So to help everybody survive the holiday period, we have put together some high-quality packages to help you enjoy your Christmas more.

Recovery Pack

This contains herbs and vitamins that help you recover from over-indulging in Christmas cheer and rich foods. You are likely to feel much better the day after a party, a Christmas feast or New Years Eve if you have been regularly taking these products beforehand.

Holiday Survival Pack

Helps with stress, so probably needed by almost everyone!

Energy Pack

Helps improve your energy levels if you are feeling tired and run down.

You may want to look at whether your partner needs one of these popular packs as well.