Low Fat Diet Causes High Blood Pressure

Case Study

When a person’s life revolves around their health problems, it can sometimes become demoralising and affect their day-to-day confidence. Their problems can chew up their time, interfere with their work, impact on their social life, and even affect their relationships with family and friends.

Healthy heart and blood pressure diet

‘Jim’ (not his real name) is in his mid-40’s, and came to us as he suffered from high blood pressure and just could not lose weight. There was a history of Fatty Liver in his family.

Jim has always been health conscious and had a reasonably good diet and exercise routine. Despite this, his blood pressure was high for the past two years. It became worse after he caught COVID, and he was fatigued for weeks after that. His emotional and mental wellbeing were affected, his constipation and reflux worsened, and he developed dandruff and dry skin.

He saw one of our naturopaths, who reviewed his blood tests. These showed chronic inflammation markers, which can lead to long term health issues. Inflammation that continues for longer than it should can result in damage to tissues, organs, and body systems. Chronic inflammation has been known to cause Diabetes, and in Jim’s case he was found to have borderline Type 2 Diabetes as a result. Excess weight that is very difficult to shift can also be caused by long-term inflammation.

Jim’s blood tests indicated that inflammation was also occurring in his liver and large intestine as well as his pancreas. This inflammation (together with the weight gain caused by the inflammation) had resulted in his high blood pressure.

The blood test also showed that his low-fat weight loss diet was contributing to his chronic inflammation. Many types of dietary fats or oils can cause inflammation, however the right essential fats will act to reduce it instead. In Jim’s case, a high carbohydrate to protein intake was making the inflammation worse.

Jim was keen to lower his blood pressure, and was happy to make some changes to his diet. Our naturopath placed him on a treatment plan that addressed his digestive and liver health, and lowered his inflammation.

After only 2 months, Jim’s blood pressure was back in normal range and his digestion was working very well. He also lost over 10 kg in weight, particularly around the abdomen. His lean body mass was also good, which is an important benchmark for healthy ageing.

Please note- high blood pressure is a dangerous condition, and so lowering your medication should only be done once your pressure has come down far enough, and with the approval of your doctor.

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