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The Cholesterol Myth

In early November, the ABC ran a 2 part program called ‘Heart of the Matter. The Cholesterol Myth: Dietary Villains and Cholesterol Drug War’. In this program, they looked at how valid the link between cholesterol and heart disease is, and how the majority of patients taking cholesterol lowering drugs won’t benefit from taking them.

The main cholesterol drugs are Statins, which can cause a large range of side effects, some of which can be debilitating, such as severe muscle injury and fatigue.

They also block the production of some of the nutrients produced in the body, such as CoEnzyme Q10, which ironically is an antioxidant that plays a vital role in maintaining cardiovascular health.

You can view both parts of the program by clicking here. Natural therapies usually work very well to improve both the level and type of cholesterol in the body, and to improve the health of the heart as well. It is my opinion that, if you can take care of a problem naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery, you will be better off. If you would like to find out about natural approaches to look after your cholesterol and heart, please book in for a Health Assessment with Peter.

Please note that you should not change taking any medication you have been prescribed without checking with your doctor.