Would you like to…

How to Add Years to Your Life,
& Life to Your Years

  • Look and feel younger than your age?
  • Keep your mind clear and sharp?
  • Increase your energy and vitality?
  • Slow down physical deterioration as you age?
  • Avoid the health problems your parents had?
  • Keep control of your health?

Some of the topics to be covered during the talk include

  • The latest research on the 3 major internal causes of aging
  • Which foods accelerate the aging process and which ones help slow it down
  • How looking after the brain chemistry is the key to keeping the mind sharp and clear
  • Important ways to prevent degenerative problems or to slow them down

“I cannot remember when I last had such an abundance of energy and life in me.  This clinic has given me back my LIFE.  I feel as if I were a teenager again, so rich and full is my life after 20 years as a sleep walker.  Thank you for making me feel and act as 17, when I really am 57!!!”

Biggan Ryd-Dups (Clinic client)

For more information about the three main causes of aging, please click here to read a detailed article posted on our blog.

Free Wellness & Healthy Aging Information Night

When: Wed 30th October, 6-30 pm
Where: McLeod Golf Club

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