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Our Coronavirus Practices and Requirements

Coronavirus hygieneOur clinic is a place of health and healing for many people, some of whom are elderly or have significant health issues. To help protect everyone who attends our clinic (including our staff) as much as possible, we have now introduced the following practices.



  • All clients will be asked to use the hand sanitiser when they come into the clinic (and their therapist will check that this has happened)
  • No-one will be allowed in the clinic who has a fever, or has developed a cough, sneeze, shortness of breath, a sore throat or fatigue/tiredness within last 2 weeks. (Sneezing is not normally a symptom of the virus, however it is a major cause of spreading it.)
  • Exceptions may be provided by our Head Therapist if he determines their symptoms are not consistent with coronavirus (for example, someone who has a chronic asthmatic cough)
  • No-one is allowed in the clinic who has been overseas in the last 2 weeks
  • No-one is allowed in the clinic who has been in contact with anyone who may have been exposed to the coronavirus
  • Our SMS appointment reminders include the following- ‘DO NOT come to the clinic if you have a fever, cough, sneeze or potentially been in contact with someone who may have coronavirus, without prior permission. Please ring if any doubt.’
  • We have a sign in our reception area advising our requirements
  • Staff training and discussion sessions on the virus and our requirements are held regularly

We will refer anyone to a doctor or hospital for testing if they have any possible symptoms of the virus.

The National Coronavirus Helpline is 1800 020 080.

Social Distancing

  • Our chairs in our reception area are placed 1½ metres apart
  • Naturopathy sessions can be by Skype or Facetime
  • Products can be delivered to your door ($10 delivery fee)
  • If you like, we can bring products to you in your car in the carpark

Cleaning and Sanitation

  • All rooms are disinfected at least once a day
  • Our receptionists disinfect our reception counter (including our Eftpos terminal), reception work area, front door handles, toilet door handles, etc. at least twice a day
  • Our receptionists use hand sanitiser a minimum every 2-3 clients
  • We ask our clients to swipe their own Eftpos/credit card and health fund card
  • Disinfectant spray is kept at our reception and used regularly
  • Hand sanitiser available for everyone on our reception counter and in each treatment room
  • Computer keyboards in each treatment room are sterilised after each acupuncture or massage treatment
  • If someone has been given special permission to attend our clinic even though they have a cough or sneeze (for example, if they have chronic hayfever), they will be placed in a separate room away from reception and/or given a surgical mask to put on


  • As is already normal required practice, acupuncturists and massage therapists must wash their hands thoroughly after each treatment
  • Facemasks will be used by therapists when treating any client over 80 years old
  • Our naturopaths use hand sanitiser after they have touched a client (for example taking their blood pressure)
  • Shaking hands with clients is not allowed
  • All of our staff receive free professional-strength immune supplements prescribed by our naturopath to look after their health and the health of our clients during this virus period.
  • If a receptionist or therapist meets any of our criteria for clients not attending our clinic, they must self-isolate for at least 2 weeks

We ask for your patience and understanding with these requirements, which we believe are necessary and important. The situation with COVID-19 is still evolving, and we will continue to review our requirements and update them as required, to protect everyone as much as we can.

We also recommend everyone strongly boosts their immune system. Your immune system is the only defence your body has against viruses (including the coronavirus). The stronger your immune system, the less likely you are to contract a virus, and if you do, the milder your symptoms and the more quickly you will get over it.

If you would like to do this or just have your immune system assessed, we suggest booking in for a free Comprehensive Assessment at our clinic. (Terms and conditions- the Assessment is a completely free service, with no obligations whatsoever.) As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so rather than buying toilet paper, please look at protecting yourself effectively. 🙂