A Common Cause of Back, Neck & Shoulder Problems

There are a number of causes of back, shoulder, neck and hip problems. One of the more common ones we see is a misalignment between the shoulders and the hips.

Four corners of the torso

In some ways, the trunk or torso can be viewed as a rectangle, with the hips and shoulders forming the corners. If one of these corners has shifted, it will often affect the other 3 corners as well. For example, if the left hip is tilted down the right hip will be tilted up, and the shoulders will also be uneven. So if someone has a shoulder problem, it might be due to a misalignment of one of their hips, or vice-versa.

Four corners misaligned

As well as causing issues with these areas, a ‘4 Corner imbalance’ can have a flow-on affect to other parts of the body as well. If you try raising one hip high, as well as your shoulder raising up you might also feel how your neck will bend to the side to keep your head straight. So over time, this imbalance could also cause neck pain, lower back pain, soreness between the shoulder blades, sciatic pain, and sometimes even knee pain.

Four corner imbalance diagnosis


The main method of identifying a 4 Corner imbalance is simply to look at the person’s back when they are standing up, to see if their shoulders and hips are all level. (You can see from the third diagram that the spine can sometimes also be bent to the side,) If the hips and shoulders are uneven, the person then lays face down on the treatment table, and the area between the shoulder blades is checked for any tightness or soreness. The top of the back of the hip bones (just under the iliac crest) is carefully checked as well.

Free Assessment

If you have a lower back, shoulder, neck or hip problem, we offer a free Comprehensive Assessment, which is a detailed look at what is going on in your body, what is causing the problem, and the best way to sort it out. (Terms and conditions- the Assessment is a completely free service, with no obligations whatsoever.) Most people find their Assessment results very insightful and informative.

Be well, and have a great life!

(Images from Clinical Strategies, Vol.1, by K. Matsomoto and D. Euler)



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