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Application for 2021 CNTC Community Grant

This is the 25th year our clinic has been serving our community by resolving people’s health disorders.

To celebrate our success, express our gratitude, and to support our community further, we will be providing 5 grants of $500 (totalling $2,500) to local charities or community groups that are making a difference (or have the potential to make a difference) to our local area.

Round 2 Application

Grant applications for Round 2 must be submitted between 3rd April and 18th April 2021.

Application for 2021 CNTC Community Grant
Is the organisation a registered charity?
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Terms and Conditions

  • There will be a total of 5 Rounds, so five separate groups will each receive $500.
  • A group from outside postcodes 4074, 4073, 4075 or 4076 may apply, but must have a presence and be making a difference within our local area.
  • The judging panel is operating independently of Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic, and comprises Councillor Sarah Hutton, former Councillor Matthew Bourke, and Lisa Baillie.
  • For each Round, the panel will choose the 4 applicants they consider will provide the greatest benefit to the community. These 4 groups will then be posted on the 4074 Community & Beyond Facebook page, and members of this page can vote for the group they would most like to receive the grant. The group with the most votes will be given the grant for that Round.
  • The judging panel’s selections of the top 4 applicants for each Round are final.
  • Unsuccessful applicants may apply for the following Round, whereas successful applicants are automatically excluded from applying again.