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Tiredness vs Fatigue

Tired Girl

It can sometimes be hard to tell if we’re just tired, or suffering from adrenal fatigue. Only a trained medical specialist will be able to tell you for sure, but here are some basic hallmarks to help you figure out whether you should see a doctor – or (and!) just try to get some more sleep.


  • is the direct result of physical, emotional or mental exertion, or lack of sleep
  • can make you feel irritated and forgetful
  • can be relieved through rest alone


  • has a wide range of causes and contributing factors
  • does not significantly improve with extra sleep and rest
  • can be characterised by any or all of the following: difficulty concentrating, anxiety, a gradual decrease in stamina, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, impaired reflexes/slower response times (both physical and mental), poor immune system, loss of appetite and increased sensitivity to light
  • may result in withdrawal from friends, family and social activities

If you suspect you’re suffering from chronic fatigue, it’s important to see a medical professional sooner rather than later; early detection and treatment can shave weeks, months or even years off your recovery time and rule out serious disease or dysfunction as the cause of your ongoing exhaustion.