The Detox Superhero

Overpowering Toxins with Sulforaphane

The Detox Superhero SulforaphaneModern life is bustling with innovative technologies for a convenient living; online access to news and information, timesaving transport, fast foods, cleaning products that make your home sparkle, and cosmetics that leave us feeling ‘our best selves’. This improved way of living, however, is accompanied by increased exposure to a multitude of chemicals, pesticides and electromagnetic fields, which have the capacity to cause tissue damage and disturb our delicate hormonal balance. A build-up of these toxins can overburden the body, leading to fatigue, weight gain, digestive disturbances, and hormonal disorders.

Fortunately, these effects can be offset using the superhero nutrient sulforaphane, which stimulates toxin elimination. It also reduces the fall-out from toxic exposure by strengthening antioxidant defences.

The War Against Toxins

The battle between antioxidants and toxins is much like a war between good and evil. Toxins create molecules known as free radicals, which cause damage to our cells: a process known as oxidative stress. Conversely, antioxidants are substances that can neutralise free radicals, thereby protecting our cells and tissues from damage.

Our body also neutralises and eliminates toxic substances via detoxification, with the liver primarily responsible for eliminating the toxins we are exposed to. Whilst the liver is an efficient organ, it can benefit greatly from detoxification support to prevent it from becoming overburdened by constant toxin exposure. This is where sulforaphane plays a key role, enhancing the body’s detoxification processes and reducing damage caused by free radical exposure.

Sulforaphane Saves the Day

Sulforaphane is an ingredient made by the body from nutrients found within cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage and kale. Sulforaphane increases antioxidant protection by stimulating the antioxidant defence system within the body that protects against the effects of oxidative stress.

Additionally, sulforaphane enhances detoxification activity in the body by inducing enzymes involved in metabolism of harmful toxins by the liver, promoting their elimination.

The Elusive Hero

Providing your body with sulforaphane is not as simple as adding a few extra spoonfuls of broccoli to your dinner plate; you need to provide your body with the right ingredients to make it. The main ingredient is glucoraphanin, found primarily in broccoli seeds, however you also need myrosinase, found in high concentration in broccoli sprouts, to ‘activate’ it (Figure 1).

How Sulforaphane is made

Figure 1: Sulforaphane is made from glucoraphanin, with a little help from myrosinase.

Although broccoli does contain both glucoraphanin and myrosinase, you would need to consume almost two cups of raw broccoli each day to attain enough for a beneficial amount of sulforaphane. For those who prefer cooked broccoli, the heating process destroys myrosinase, so while cooked broccoli can give you glucoraphanin, there is not enough myrosinase to convert it into sulforaphane in the body.

Additionally, vitamin C is needed to turn on myrosinase, making it a vital ingredient for sulforaphane production. Therefore, whilst this hero ingredient is formidable in the face of its toxin foe, its strength can remain elusive given the wrong circumstances. A carefully crafted supplement derived from seed and sprout, containing glucoraphanin, myrosinase and vitamin C, provides the building blocks for sulforaphane production, ensuring your antioxidant superhero steps out of the shadows and shines!

Time for a Spring Clean

If you are feeling sluggish, tired, and less than your best, a detoxification can help you to make a clean start to Spring with renewed health and vitality. We can provide you a safe and effective professional detoxification program, tailored to your individual needs.

To find out your current toxicity level, you can complete our online Comprehensive Toxicity Questionnaire.

If you are interested in finding out if toxins may be causing problems in your body, we offer a free Comprehensive Assessment at our clinic. It will also allow us to identify what is causing any health issues you may have, and the best way to resolve them. Most people quite enjoy their Assessment, and find it very helpful and informative. There is no cost or obligation whatsoever for an Assessment, and you can give us a call or book online.

(Acknowledgement- much of the content of this article is from a blog by Metagenics, a highly regarded research and practitioner-only supplement supplier. )

'Revive Your Life' 2 Week Detox

Put the Spring Back into Your Step!

Put the Spring back into your step!Many of us struggle from one day to the next, feeling tired, flat and drained. That is not how our lives should be! Life is so much better when you feel healthy, energised and vital. A proper detox may help

  • improve your energy
  • increase your mental clarity
  • assist with weight loss
  • slow down the aging process
  • provide clearer skin
  • improve a large range of health problems

We clean our teeth and wash the outside of our body every day. What about the inside, do we need to give that a clean as well? Virtually everything in life needs maintenance at some point, and it is very likely that the inside of your body is in need of a good clean.

Toxic Exposure- A Reality of Modern Life

It is estimated that the average woman uses 126 chemicals before she leaves her house every day. There are pesticides and preservatives in our food, chlorine and other chemicals in our drinking water, aluminium in deodorants, mercury in eyeliners and mascaras, etc. Some of the common sources of strong toxins in our homes include many cleaning products, sprays for cockroaches and other insects, formaldehyde in carpets, scotch guard on furniture, and fire retardants in clothing and upholstery. Toxic chemicals will remain in clothes after they have been to the drycleaners, we breathe in petrol fumes when we fill our car up, and any medications will leave a chemical residue in the body. So we continuously pollute our bodies without being aware of it.

Some of the more common symptoms associated with these toxins include fatigue, depression, poor concentration, headaches, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, allergies, food intolerances, and thyroid problems. (Next time you go to the supermarket, look around and see how few people look vibrant and healthy.)

The amount of chemicals we are exposed to is quite surprising- there are 3,000 chemicals intentionally added to food supplies. Around 70,000 chemicals are used in the US, and 65,000 of them have been classified hazardous or potentially hazardous. And over 6,000 new chemicals are tested each week. The human body was never designed to deal with these chemicals, so over time they may accumulate in your body, and start to impact on your health.

However, a detox should always be done under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional. Removing toxins from the body can cause side effects such as headaches, nausea, diarrhoea, or skin problems if not done correctly.

What Does the Plan Include?

Our 'Revive Your Life' Detox Plan is a professional detoxification program, designed to improve your health and vitality in a safe and effective manner. There are four important steps in this Plan,

  1. Reduce your toxin intake
  2. Clear the toxins from your tissues and organs
  3. Neutralise the free radicals which damage your cells
  4. Eliminate the toxins from your body

Your two week Plan includes the following testing, information, support and guidance.

  • A Comprehensive Health Assessment by our Principal Practitioner
  • A computerised Organ Function Test at the beginning of your Plan, to measure your health status before your detox
  • Two one-hour consultations and one half-hour consultation with one of our skilled and experienced naturopaths, Margaret McNamara or Sunni Patel
  • A Detox Information booklet
  • Another Organ Function Test at the end of your treatment, to measure the improvement in your body from the detox

During your consultations with our naturopath, she will

  • carry out further detailed testing, including 'live blood analysis', iridology, and tongue and nail diagnosis, so that your Plan can be correctly tailored to your individual needs
  • provide you with your dietary guidelines, recipe suggestions, a Meal Planning Guide, and details of common chemicals for you to avoid
  • determine the correct nutritional and herbal support for your detox
  • provide advice and support on how to do your detox successfully

Special Offer

All of this would normally be valued at $557, however we are currently offering this comprehensive detox program to improve your health and vitality for only $367, a saving of $190 (34% off).

Terms and Conditions

  • To receive this discount, the full cost of your 'Revive Your Life' Detox Plan must be paid for in full at or before your first appointment
  • The cost of any recommended supplements or herbs is not included

So if your health is important to you, if you would like to feel healthy and energised, or if you would like to help prevent health problems developing as you age, please ring our friendly reception staff soon and let them know you are interested in our 'Revive Your Life' Detox Plan.

Immune & Detox Tea

zen zai immunity tea

This herbal tea is a great booster for the immune system and a cleanser for the body. Autumn has just started, so now is the time to start strengthening your immune system for winter.

Zen Zai Immune is also a powerful digestive tonic, and is calming to the nerves. This loose-leaf tea contains 7 different organic herbs- lemon grass, ginger, licorice, spear mint, peppermint, echinacea, and black pepper. Each herb has been carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality possible.

Zen Zai Immune is locally made, and is only $15 per packet (less 10% for Gold Health Members). It will be on display at our front counter this month, and there is also a tester jar, where you can smell the wonderful aroma of this blend.

Getting Fat from Juicing Kale


We recently had a client who was trying hard to improve her health, so she was making and drinking plenty of fresh vegetable and fruit juices. However, after a while, she found that she was putting on weight instead of losing it, and was getting digestive issues such as stomach discomfort, bloating and gas. What was going wrong?

Kale is very popular at the moment, and with good reason. It is an excellent source of many vitamins and antioxidants- one cup contains 180 percent of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin A, 200 percent of Vitamin C, and 1,020 percent of Vitamin K. All three of these vitamins are antioxidants that help protect the body from certain types of cancer. Kale's unusual amount of vitamin K in particular helps the body with blood clotting and bone health. Kale is rich in calcium and iron, and it contains a massive 45 different flavonoids, with a huge variety of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

However, it is often the case that anything that can have a powerful good effect on the body, if used incorrectly, can have a negative effect. Excessive use of kale, such as juicing it every day, could cause problems such as

  • High levels of Vitamin K, which can increase the risk of blood clots forming in the body and causing strokes.
  • Kale belongs to cruciferous family, which includes broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and bok choy. These vegetables are well-known for their cancer-prevention properties. However, they can also suppress the thyroid, causing low energy, weight gain and hair loss.
  • Raw kale in particular can be hard on the digestive system, causing bloating, gas and other abdominal issues.

So Should We Avoid Kale?

In a word, no! It has many wonderful nutritional benefits. But just because something is excellent in moderate amounts, doesn't always mean it is even better for everyone in higher doses.

There are two ways to avoid nutrition imbalances. One way is to have everything in moderation. Done correctly, juices can be fantastic, however keep in mind that they are highly concentrated, so don't have them all the time, and have a variety of ingredients. An even better approach is to have a proper assessment by a good Brisbane naturopath, who can determine which foods are best for you and which ones you should avoid.

Please see our updated article on

Detox for a Healthier 2014,

Feel refreshed and invigorated after a detox

which includes details of our free Detox information night in October.

Detox for a Healthier You

Feel refreshed and invigorated after a detox

You know how you feel when you have had too much of the wrong thing to eat or drink? You often feel tired, lethargic, flat, sluggish, and dull. If you have too many toxins in your body, you may feel a little like this all of the time. Detoxing your body is absolutely necessary for your best health – to enjoy abundant energy, glowing skin, healthy sex drive, good sleep, weight loss and more.

Spring is a great time for clearing out the old rubbish, and bringing in new and better beginnings into your life. Please take this time to think about your health, and what areas you want to be better than they are now. A good detox is an excellent way to kick-start your body, to help you look better, feel better, and have more energy.

Does this sound like you?

  •  Do you feel less healthy and energetic than other people your age?
  •  Do you often have difficulty thinking clearly?
  •  Do you get sick often?
  •  Do you often feel tired, sluggish and flat?
  •  Do you have digestive disturbances (wind, bloating, flatulence, constipation, heartburn)?
  •  Do you have bad breath or body odour?
  •  Do you eat junk food, drink alcohol or make poor lifestyle decisions?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may be in need of a ‘spring clean’. These are the types of symptoms you may experience when many of the toxic substances you have been exposed to have accumulated within your body, leaving you feeling less than your best.

Our therapists can recommend a safe and effective professional detoxification program to improve the way in which your body eliminates toxins, and to bring you back to a state of health and vitality.

Toxic Exposure - A Reality of Modern Life

Toxin exposure is seemingly unavoidable in our modern world. Now more than ever, we are exposed to toxins from the lotions we put on our skin, the toothpaste we brush with, the air that we breathe, additives and preservatives in our food supply, pesticides, plastics, etc.  According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), by the time the average woman leaves the house in the morning, she has been exposed to 126 chemical toxins.  And laboratory tests commissioned by the EWG have detected as many as 232 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of 10 newborn babies. Toxins do not only come from our external environment, they can also be generated internally by ‘unfriendly’ bacteria, yeasts, and parasites in our digestive systems. And stress increases the levels of toxins our bodies naturally produce.

Your body has numerous mechanisms to help eliminate all these toxins, but these detoxification pathways can become overwhelmed if you produce, consume or absorb more toxins than you can easily clear. A professional detoxification program supports toxin clearance through these pathways, leaving you feeling healthy and energetic.

Only Use a Safe and Effective Detoxification Program

Detoxifying is serious business and your safety and comfort during detoxification is important to us. Undergoing the wrong type of detox for your individual needs may actually leave you feeling sick and tired. You should not attempt a detoxification program without the guidance and support of a trained healthcare Practitioner. The natural supplements used in our program support your body by allowing your natural detoxification and repair systems to function efficiently, without causing undesirable side effects.

Live the Detox Lifestyle

To make the most of a detoxification program, specific lifestyle modifications can also be helpful:

1. Exercise

Our bodies are designed for regular physical activity. Regular exercise supports detoxification by allowing the lymphatic system to carry toxins and wastes out of the body. You should aim for 30 to 40 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, three to four times per week.

2. Avoid recreational drugs

Recreational drugs (including cigarettes and alcohol) interfere with your detoxification processes and should be avoided to ensure you get the most out of your detoxification program.

3. Drink pure water

One of the easiest ways to improve your detoxification capacity is to drink plenty of water. Ideally the water should be filtered and you should aim to drink at least 2 litres of water per day, or more if it is hot or when you are exercising.

4. Detoxify your environment

Your home and work can be major sources of toxins. Try to eliminate or minimise your use of chemical cleaning products (vinegar, bicarb and other natural products are suitable alternatives), antiperspirants with aluminium, pesticides, petrochemicals, paints, solvents and hair spray.

5. Avoid toxic emotions and stress

How you think and feel can profoundly influence your health. Choose to be positive, optimistic and focused on improving your health. If you have a major stress in your life, enlisting the support of others to help can be useful. If you have lots of little stressors, practicing a relaxation technique like yoga, tai chi or meditation may be helpful.

6. Dry skin brushing

Your skin is a major organ of elimination. Dead skin cells can accumulate and prevent the skin being able to remove toxins effectively. Before you shower, spend five to ten minutes with a firm, natural bristled brush or loofah, brushing the skin of the arms, legs, and back briskly in the direction of the heart.

7. Massage

Massage techniques may accelerate detoxification, particularly lymphatic drainage. These treatments have a long traditional use for detoxification and will certainly leave you feeling relaxed and stress free.

Time for a Spring Clean!

If you are feeling sluggish, tired, and less than your best, a detoxification program can help you to make a clean start to Spring with renewed health and vitality. We can provide you a safe and effective professional detoxification program suitable to your individual needs.

To find out your current toxicity level, you can complete our online Comprehensive Toxicity Questionnaire.

If you are interested in finding out if toxins may be causing problems in your body, we offer a free Comprehensive Assessment at our clinic. It will also allow us to identify what is causing any health issues you may have, and the best way to resolve them. Most people quite enjoy their Assessment, and find it very helpful and informative. There is no cost or obligation whatsoever for an Assessment, and you can give us a call or book online.

Starting Off 2014 the Right Way

Many of us will want to make 2014 a year where we look better, feel better, have more energy and better health than we do now. So at the start of January we will be launching special quick and easy detox programs and fat loss kick-start programs.

We will also be holding a Detox webinar early next year. You will be able to learn all about the reasons for have a detox, how a detox can improve your digestion, your energy levels, mental clarity, skin and fat levels, plus how to detox successfully without feeling crook. Being a webinar, you will be able to attend and participate from the comfort of your own home.

Full details of the programs and webinar will be published on the website and included in our next newsletter.

Make an online booking here:
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Valued at $120, your Assessment will help to uncover:

  • What is going on with your body
  • What is working properly and what is not working properly
  • What is causing the problem, and
  • The best way to get it sorted out

All this will be fully explained to you, and you can ask as many questions as you like. That way we can be sure to give you all of the right information, understanding and advice you need. Terms and conditions: This is a free, no obligation offer.


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