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Issue: 37 August 2011

Welcome to the latest issue of our newsletter. If you cannot see the images in this email, right click on them and select ‘Download Pictures’. Otherwise, go to the very top of this email, where it says ‘Having trouble viewing this email? Click here.’To help ensure that you correctly receive email messages or newsletters from our clinic, with the images displayed, please add our address to your Address Book or contacts list- reception@cntc.com.au.

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Poor Circulation Causes Your Cells to Suffer
The cells of your body are like little plants- give them plenty of water, oxygen and nutrients, and they thrive. If they don’t get enough of these they suffer and don’t perform properly. So if your blood is ‘sluggish’, by the time it gets to your cells, it has lost most of its oxygen and nutrients, and is full of wastes. (In bad cases, the blood itself becomes toxic to the cells!) The cells start to malfunction, and over time, large areas of the body, and even entire organs, can become affected.The quality and quantity of blood getting to your cells is very important for your health. In China, researchers are now of the opinion that deterioration of circulation in the body is the major reason health problems develop as we age.

Because poor circulation to the cells retards healing, it is important to check the flow of blood to the area for any chronic problem or condition that isn’t healing well.

A simple way to help the circulation in the skin and inside of the body is Dry Skin Brushing. Please click hereif you would like a handout on the benefits of Dry Skin Brushing, with instructions on how to do it.

Natural and Medical Approaches

Enjoy a light-hearted look at the differences between conventional medicine (allopathy) and natural therapies to health by watching this animated video.

The Town of Allopath
The Town of Allopath

Business Achievers Awards- Please Vote for Us
The Quest Business Achievers Awards for our region are held in August each year. We have won the Award 3 times in the past 5 years, and are keen to win it again this year. Voting commences on Wednesday 10th August, and you can vote in 3 ways.

  • Posting in an entry form from the South West News or the Springfield News
  • Voting online (available from 10th August)
  • Voting in the Clinic

If you like, you can receive an automatic email reminder when voting commences.

Our Category is now ‘Health Care‘.

Business Achievers Awards are highly sought after and keenly contested. Business nominated for the Awards are judged in 3 ways:

  1. the number of votes received
  2. the business completes a 10 page report on their systems, practices, philosophy, etc
  3. they are visited and assessed by a Secret Shopper.

Thank you very much for your vote!

Fathers Day Massage Gift Vouchers
High Quality Massage Treatments If your Dad works hard, gets stressed, has stiff muscles, or just deserves something special, a deep relaxing massage might be the perfect Gift for him.As usual, all proceeds of Gift Vouchers sold from 1st August to Father’s Day (4th September) will be donated to charity. (Through your support, we have already donated $3,324 to charities this year, and our aim is to donate over $5,000 by the end of the year.) We will be donating the funds raised to Youngcare, who provide care and accommodation to young people with high care needs, instead of them living in aged care facilities.So by treating Dad to a wonderful massage, you can be supporting a great cause at the same time! Gift Vouchers can also be ordered and paid for over the phone, and posted out to you or to your Dad.
Curves Fitness Centre Offer
‘Curves’ is a fitness centre that provides 30 minute cardio and strength training workouts for women. They have come up with a special offer of 2 weeks free membershipto all clients of our Clinic. The value of regular, quality exercise is immense. If you want to start getting into a regular exercise program in a supervised, women-only centre, please give them a call and let them know you are a client of Centenary Natural Therapies Clinic.Mt Ommaney- 3376 2266
Forrest Lake- 3372 7000
Redbank- 3814 5533

Latest Medical Research
In the interests of helping our clients make informed decisions regarding their health, we offer a selection of recent internet medical articles which may be of interest. Click on the headline to go to the full research article.Looking After Your Body Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s Taking care of your body just might save your mind.

Millions of cases of Alzheimer’s disease worldwide could be prevented by curbing risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking, and lack of exercise, new research suggests.

Seven conditions or behaviours account for up to half of Alzheimer’s.

Lack of education was important, presumably because studying involves regularly ‘exercising’ the brain. However, in the United States (and probably Australia), inactivity is the leading factor.

Depression made the next biggest impact on Alzheimer’s cases, followed by smoking and high blood pressure in mid-life. Untreated or inadequately treated depression has long been known to raise the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s cases are expected to triple by 2050. A dementia specialist said that a common misconception is that you’re “dealt a deck of cards at birth,” but “people need not just sit back and watch this unfold.” Comment Prevention is always better than cure. There are a number of nutrients that are essential for correct functioning of the brain. Alzheimer’s Disease patients are often found to have deficiencies in B12, folate and essential fatty acids (such as found in fish oils). Heavy metals, such as Aluminium, Cadmium and Lead may also play a part. Some amino acids are believed to help protect against the damage to the brain caused by glutamate, a neuro-toxin. (MSG is Monosodium glutamate, so too much MSG is hazardous to the brain.)   The discovery that B vitamins can help prevent Alzheimer’s has been hailed as a major breakthrough by the medical community.   It is important to note that dehydration in the elderly can produce symptoms identical to Alzheimer’s. Tea is a diuretic, so elderly who are heavy tea drinkers are more prone to dehydration.   The answers to preventing Alzheimer’s appear to lie in

  • maintaining good health through exercise, keeping your blood pressure under control, and not smoking
  • Keeping your brain active
  • Avoiding use of aluminium cooking utensils and other possible sources of heavy metals
  • Quality nutrition, and supplements of the most important nutrients for your brain

Please see our naturopath Ainsley Cherry for more information about the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. Vegetarian (High Fibre) Diet May Prevent Common Bowel Problem Diverticulitis Vegetarians are a third less likely to get the common bowel disorder diverticulitis, than their meat eating counterparts. These results were not unexpected, as previous research has indicated that a low fibre diet can cause diverticulitis, and vegetarians typically have more fibre in their diet than average.

Typical symptoms include painful abdominal cramps, bloating, wind, constipation and diarrhoea.

Comment Please note that too much fibre can cause mineral deficiencies, so having plenty of fruit and veges is generally better than taking fibre products.   Common Painkillers Linked to Irregular Heart Beats, Heart Attacks, and Strokes Commonly used painkillers, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, have been shown to increase the risk of atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat), between 40% to 70%. Atrial fibrillation is associated with an increased long term risk of stroke, heart failure, and death. These Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can also cause stomach haemorrhage, and shouldn’t be used if you have kidney impairment.

“Have not been in for a month and after treatment feel great again. Getting better and better.”

Dean, Coominya

“I have just completed the 17 week Restoration Program… Thank you Peter, Ainsley, Nina and Lisa, you are all amazing at what you do! Peter you have a great team which starts with the beautiful welcomes from your reception staff.”

Tracey, Riverhills

Our thanks to our following clients who kindly referred their family or friends to the Clinic in May and June.Jane Bowell, Elenor Dups, Leanne Errey, Deborah Ford, Rudy Grommen, Sue Harwood, Trever James, Heidrun Krautler, Marjie Lochrie, Glen Loose, Jacob Minett, Chris Nielsen, Biggan Ryd Dups, Julie White, Paula Wienand, Lynette Williamson, Megan Wrigley, Ellena Yiannatzi, McLeod Golf Club and Baroona Road Physio Centre. *Anyone who refers someone to the clinic will receive a Gift Voucher for either $10 or $25 off any of our treatments or products as an expression of our appreciation.
Quote of The Month
“Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body.”

~Joseph Addison

Hi, we hope you have enjoyed our latest Health Update. Please contact us if we can assist you in any way with your health, or ask us about our special Health Assessment offer.
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Winner Business Achievers Award 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011 & 2012
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We help provide care and accommodation to young disabled people through regular support of YoungCare (by donating the proceeds of our Gift Voucher sales)

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