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Could Your Feet Pain be Caused by a Sinus Infection?

Plantar fasciitisStrange though it sounds, sometimes sinus infections can cause problems with ligaments or tendons in the body.

Your sinuses are a magnificent structure of tunnels and caves running throughout your head that connect to your respiratory system.  The body does not have good access into the sinuses, so they often become the site of what is called a ‘focal infection’.  This is an infection in which bacteria are localised in some region (such as the tonsils or the tissue around a tooth), from which they may spread to other organs or tissues in the body. Sometimes your immune system keeps the focal infection under control, but does not completely eliminate it.  Because of its nature to “hide out”, you many not notice any symptoms from the infection.  However, the low-grade inflammation becomes a source of irritation for the body, inflaming connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments, as well as depressing the immune system, so that other types of inflammatory processes such as bladder irritation, digestive problems or period pain may keep occurring.

With any condition, it is always important find out the full picture of how the person’s body is working, and then treating the causes as well as the symptoms. Otherwise, good long-term results are unlikely.