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Wait and See Best Approach with Antibiotics

‘Wait and See’ Best Approach with Antibiotics A recent review found that most patients who waited up to 48 hours before taking antibiotics didn’t need them. Doctor Geoff Spurling from the University of Queensland said that “The findings of this …

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Vitamin B3 Helps Prevent Miscarriages and Birth Defects

Vitamin B3 Helps Prevent Miscarriages & Birth Defects B vitamins have always been very important in pregnancy, such as B6 for morning sickness, and folic acid to prevent spina bifida in babies. Now scientists at the Victor Chang Institute in …

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Celebrating 10,000 Clients

Celebrating 10,000 Clients We have recently achieved the milestone of having 10,000 clients! Here we are presenting our 10,000th client, David, with vouchers for a free massage, acupuncture treatment and naturopathy session. Thank you to everyone who has come into …

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